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Through the years with Kate

Kate's Run at Stanford University

Kate Starbird as a sophomore at Stanford University, back when she had lots of hair. She looks so un-star like that when she first met Jamila Wideman she introduced herself as Kate Starbird and Jamila reportedly said "No, you're not." because "She didn't look the part."
Kate had a huge impact on Stanford's basketball team right from the beginning, even though she didn't expect to. She told a friend that she didn't even think she would get to play her freshman year. "Kate's our Jerry Rice," Stanford Head Coach Tara VanDerveer said. "He scores a touchdown, puts the ball down, and goes about his business. That's her game too - she'd rather play it thn talk about it. Being the center of attention is the last thing on her mind."
"Bird" never imagined she would become so famous for doing what she loved most. Because Kate was so shy, to cut down on being stopped, she often wore a shirt that read "Stanford Swimming" She called it her best disguise. "I didn't really think I would be a star. I was just hoping to get a Stanford Education." Kate told the Seattle Times.
Kate Starbird and Charmin Smith. (I think this picture is from Senior night at Stanford, but I'm not positive.) Kate and Charmine became very good friends over their four years at Stanford. Now they are both playing for the WNBA. Kate even wrote about Charmine in her WNBA column "Star Gazing"
This is a sight you didn't see too often during Stanford games for two reasons. One, Kate is usually so focused on the game she doesn't do much joking around, and two, Kate was usually on the floor.
The joy of winning. Kate Starbird gives Jamila Wideman a high-five after winning a game.
Although Kate didn't know if she would get to play dring her time at Stanford, her coaches did. Tara Venderveer told a reporter, "I never saw her play in person, but I saw her on two videotapes. Based on that, we offered her a scholarship. I could see she knew how to get the ball in the basket, and that's something you can't teach. You either have it or you don't."
I love this picture. I don't have much to say about it, but there aren't many pictures of Kate looking like so relaxed.
Kate Starbird on the cover of the Cardinal Today near the end of her Stanford Career. Kate wrote this on her webpage at Stanford about leaving: "Yes, I'm going to be extremely sad to leave Stanford. It has meant so much to me, and will always contain great memories for me... those new basketball leagues... seem to promise me that my playing days aren't going to come to an abrupt end in the month of April, but instead a new beginning."

The summer before Kate's first year with the Reign

Kate Starbird at her announcement that she was signing with the Seattle Reign of the American Basketball League. This was held at the Space Needle. "It's going to be fun to be playing in front of my home town, and I feel I'm a good fit for the team and the organization in Seattle" Kate told reporters that day.
Kate Starbird making a video game. She had to do basketball moves in that outfit (the little white balls duck-taped on her are sensors) so that the computer could program her movements. She isn't portrayed in March Madness because she was no longer a college player, but lots of players now have her jump shot. =)
Kate in her first ABL commercial entitled "What I did on my summer vacation." It was a pretty cool commercial, and if you notice, in the opening (this picture) her shirt reads "I'm a nerd."
The biggest day of Kate's life. Okay, maybe not, but one of the biggest in my mine and sister's. We met Kate for the first time at the Seafirst Jammin Hoops camp in Tacoma, Washington.

Starbird on the Reign

Kate Starbird in front of her Seattle Reign Locker. In this picture you can see just how skinny she really is.
Kate playing for the Reign in her rookie year. She was really excited about being back at home, even if her real hometown was Tacoma, not Seattle. ABL founder Gary Cavelli said that Kate "Is definitely one of the most talented and most exciting basketball players int he world."
Kate Starbird during her Rookie season. The black eye came from a punch (or elbow - there are different opinions) from Long Beach Stingray Venus Lacey. She had a rough season, a black eye, a broken pinky, two bloody noses, and many bumps and bruises.
Kate after the final game of te 1997-98 season. She wrote in her ESPN journal about the season. "I learned a lot about basketball, and about myself, found a ton of motivation for the offseason, and recognized just how good I have it. Through it all, through December, a coaching change, and all sorts of emotional ups and downs, I always had something to be thankful for, and that was and is great teammates."
After her first season with the Reign, Kate made the commitment to bulk up. She told the Seattle times she was tired of getting pushed around, and she was going to do something about it. She did. She gained 10 pounds over the off-season, most of that muscle.
Kate's bio picture the second season. You can even tell from that picture that she's bigger and stronger than ever.
When Kate says she's tougher, she means it. Her coach, Tammy Holder, noticed the change. "Now she puts a little more into her passes and doesn't allow other people to take advantage by posting her up, and she's taking more pride in her defense. Not only is she physically stronger, but mentally tougher as well."

Kate With the Sacramento Monarchs

Kate Starbird at the WNBA Pre-Draft Camp. Check out how she did here.
Kate playing for the Sacramento Monarchs after being drafted to them in the third round.
Kate Starbird is talking to a reporter before her first-ever playoff game. She reportedly discussed the chocolate chip cheesecake she ate for desert the night before.

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