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Catherine Evelyn Starbird


Position: Guard

Height: 6-2

Hometown: Tacoma, Washington

Birthdate: July 30, 1975

College: Stanford University

Essential Facts about Kate (the stuff you just have to know)

* Her nickname is "Bird" because in college there were two Kates on her team, Kate Paye and herself. The name is natural, and nobody got confused this way.

* She's got the coolest looking jumpshot in the entire WNBA.

* She is a self described "Computer Nerd."

* She is totally modest about all of her accomplishments, so if she says she isn't that good at something, or that it was mostly somebody else, don't believe her.

Kate and Sports:

Kate Started playing basketball when she was 7 years old, because her dad made her...As a kid played Soccer, softball, skateboarded and wakeboarded...Was part of a championship soccer team in Tennessee...Kate was fearless as a child, she rode a 20 inch BMX bike doing tricks on a half-pipe her dad built for her in the backyard...Eventually after she is done playing she wants to coach high school basketball.

Kate and her life:

Hobbies: Playing her guitar, writing in her journal, and water-skiing...Heroes: Grandfathers Charles Leonard and Alfred Starbird...Kate was Born in West Point, NY where her father was stationed as an officer at the US Military academy...She has lived in New York, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Washington...It is one of her life goals to play the guitar well...Has three brothers and one sister, Kate is in the middle.

Stuff I couldn't leave out:

Owns a big stuffed gorilla named Julius...Along with two other partners, Kate is building a computer imaging company in San Jose called 3HC, shrt for Three Headed Cyclops...Drives a Toyota 4-Runner...Wears a women's shoe size 11 - mens 9 1/2...Kate's knee pads are made by Trace, and I don't think she has ever played a professional game without them...Lists her favorte book as the "Little Engine That Could"...Proudly wears a t-shirt that says I'm a nerd.

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