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Kate Quotes

Here are some things Kate has said in various interviews that I thought were worthy of putting on this page.

Kate has always been incredibly modest...

On Winning the Nasmith Award: “For some reason, I just thrive in this system. Perhaps I got this award just because our team does so well consistently.” (In Praise of Athletic Prowess)

Her reaction to winning the Naismith Award: "'Who, me? ...When I heard, I was really surprised, but Tara said I shouldn't be. Then I was embarrassed, and Tara said I shouldn't be embarrassed." (NCAA Tournament: This Cardinal is a rare bird)

"I really didn't think I would be a star," she said. "I was just hoping to get a Stanford education." (The Seattle Times, Today's News: Stanford's Starbird is a nerd at heart, star on court)

On Stanford: "It's kind of a relief to come here, because you're finally average. I'm not different here. I'm at the mean for my class." (ESPNET SportsZone: Starbird stands out at Stanford, but blends in)

Kate on her first season with the Seattle Reign: "[loosing has] been pretty tough for us. That's the hardest thing to adjust to. I wasn't used to losing games." (SPORTS: Cardinal greats adjust to pros - WNBA's Wideman, ABL's Starbird find hoops after Stanford)

A Little Humor from Kate...

Starbird spots a huge billboard advertising Stanford basketball. Illustrations of her and Brevin Knight, star of the men's team, look out onto El Camino Real. "That's scary," she says. "My sophomore year, with big hair." (ESPNET SportsZone: Starbird stands out at Stanford, but blends in)

Regarding her Stanford Swimming shirt: "My best disguise." (The Seattle Times, Today's News: Stanford's Starbird is a nerd at heart, star on court)

When asked what she, as a child, wanted to be when she grew up: "Oh, I didn't want to grow up."

On Role Models, Heroes, and Childhood...

"When I was growing up . . . I wasn't exposed to very much women's basketball," she said. "I didn't find any specific athletes I could model my game after. I think it's really good nowadays that there is a lot of coverage of women's basketball. The games are on TV where girls can see us out there playing and find role models. I feel bad I couldn't really find any." (NCAA Tournament: This Cardinal is a rare bird)

Uhhhhhh...sure. Yep, Kate's pretty smart, and these here show it. just don't ask me what they mean. =)

"While we will implement the algorithm itself, the parallelization will not be implemented but instead described."

The eigenvector v corresponding to the greater eigenvalue of Q is the direction of maximum change at any given point, and the corresponding eigenvalue l is the square of the change in the magnitude of (r,g,b) in that direction.

(from:CS 223B Project Proposal: Analysis and Characterization of a Color Edge Detection Algorithm By Kate Starbird and John Owens)

Yep. You tell 'em, Kate.

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