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Check your answers here and see how much you really Know about Kate Starbird.

The right answers are in Yellow.

1) What brand of Kneepads does Kate wear?

a) Nike

b) Trace - Every picture I have ever seen her in she has these on. I don't think she has ever played without them.

c) Bike

2) How many brothers does Kate Have?

a) two

b) none

c) three - Edward, Michael, and Dodd.

3) How many Sisters does Kate Have?

a) one - Meg. Kate lists her as one of her best friends. That's so cool.

b) three

c) none

4) Which of these pictures is really Kate's Autograph?

a) - This one is her most common one.

b) - This one she signed on a letter she wrote me.

c) - This was on the return part of that letter.

5) Kate's Computer company is called what?

a) 3HC - Short for three Headed Cyclops

b) Kate and Company

c) Graphics by Bird

6) Which of the following were on Kate's team her Rookie Year with the Seattle Reign?

a) Jamila Wideman

b) Joy Holmes - The rest were all her temmates with the exception of jennifer Azzi, but Joy was the only one on the Reign with Kate her rookie year.

c) Naomi Mulitauaopele

d) Jennifer Azzi

7) Who gave Kate a laptop computer when she signed with the Seattle Reign?

a) Seattle Mayor Norm Rice

b) Gary Cavelli (ABL founder, co-owner)

c) Microsoft - They were hoping Kate would work for them after her basketball career was over I think.

8) What was Kate doing in this picture?

a) Trying out an experimental new uniform for the WNBA. The white sensors light up when you have been hit so the refs know you were fouled.

b) making a video game. The balls had to be duck taped on so they wouldn't keep falling off. - I swear. The game is called March Madness. Kate said the suit was really hot.

c) Trying out a new career as a target. Her suit is velcro, the object is to stick as many balls on her in 30 seconds as you can. The basketball is her only defense.

9) Why does Kate wear Kneepads?

a) So she doesn't hurt her cracked kneecap

b) Because her dad made her when she was younger and she just got used to it.

c) Because for Kate, they are a "Fashion Statement"

10) What car does Kate Drive currently?

a) A Toyota 4x4

b) a Jeep Wrangler

c) a Ford Windstar

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